Road Markings

Bare Roads

Bare Roads Bare roads will lead to total vehicular confusion. Markings are painted on the road to direct, guide and regulate the road user. Road markings include all lines patters, words and colors applied on or attached to the road surface or kerb, for the said purpose.

Traffic Paints

Traffic Paints Traffic paints are commonly used for road markings. Other materials such as, road studs, cat's eyes and thermoplastic strips also find their application in road markings. These markings promote road safety and ensure smooth flow of traffic. Sometimes, road markings are used to supplement the message of road signs and other devices.

Centre Line

Centre LineOn undivided two-way roads, the centre line separates the opposing streams of traffic and facilitates their movements. The centre line can be a single broken line, a single continuous solid line (barrier line), a double solid line or a combination of solid line and broken line. Single and double solid lines, whether white or yellow, must not be crossed or even straddled. On a road with two centre lines, of which one is solid and the other broken, the solid line has significance only it it is on the left side of the combination as viewed by the driver. In such a case, the driver must be careful not to cross or straddle the centre line.

Double Continuous

Double Continuous Double Continuouslines are used where visibility is restricted in both directions. Neither stream of traffic is allowed to cross the lines.

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